Pledge Salute

McClelland Pledge

“I’m a McClelland Bear! I came to school today ready to learn and grow.

My teachers came prepared to do their best teaching, so I will do my personal best learning. I came prepared for class today, and I’m ready to be an active listener.

I am responsible for everything I say, and everything I do, so I will tell the truth, say only kind things, and show respect for everyone- no put-downs! I will follow the directions the adults give me, the first time!

I’m a McClelland Bear and proud of it! Today, I’ll be the best ‘me’ I can be!

A Salute To Miss Mary

Miss Mary, Miss Mary, we sing to you a song of fond devotion.
You taught us, our parents, and a few grandparents too.
The students are many who are honored to have followed your example.
Your deeds, your words, your standards-have passed on through the years.

Miss Mary, Miss Mary, we remember all the acts of dedication,
your firmness, but fairness, in all you do and say.
Your Mem’ry will linger in the hearts of all whose lives you molded well.
We salute you, Miss McClelland-our teacher, leader, friend!